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Posted by BoxOfWant - January 20th, 2019

Commissions closed for the time being.



Posted by BoxOfWant - January 11th, 2019

Commission Sheet. 

(Comic pages are a flat rate of 90€ for B&W or Flat Colors - 160€ for Cel shaded - and a max of 5 pages per slot).


Btw, some slots are already taken, but there's still some space. I also want to go back doing some personal stuff in the future (both NSFW and SFW) since it's been a years+ of just commissions; so this may be the last big round for a while.

Posted by BoxOfWant - December 17th, 2018

So the Tumblr is dead, and everything has been transferred as best i could.

The only thing missing are the comics, which i'll get up as soon as i decide the best way to have them on here.

(mostly i'd like to avoid having 50 single comic pages polluting the gallery).


In January i'll likely re-open commissions, and from then on, i'll see how things are going.

In the meantime, i wish everyone great Holidays, and a happy new year!

Posted by BoxOfWant - December 5th, 2018

Hey everyone, over the next couple of weeks, i'll try to get the hang of this place (as well as Twitter) and reupload all my old stuff.

It'll probably be annoying if there's gonna be a notification for every upload, and i'm preemptively sorry about that, but i just want a place where people can come and see, in one place, all the stuff i've done so far, and since tumblr is nuked, i figured this will probably be the place to do it.

I think i'll keep Twitter as the place to upload just the new stuff, since its gallery feature is kind of barebones, and keep here all the old stuff (as well as the new, ofc.) - so as long as you're here, you should see everything, old AND new.

Like many other people coming here en masse, i honestly haven't been using Newgrounds since, like 2005-6 (?), but i like its comfy aesthetic, and that it doesn't go for that "ultra sleek" mobile design that is so popular nowadays; i'm an old man!

Anyway, this is the equivalent of a "test_01" post, so, nothing much to say.

I'll try and figure out how the gallery works and all that stuff, next.