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Check. Check.

Posted by BoxOfWant - December 5th, 2018

Hey everyone, over the next couple of weeks, i'll try to get the hang of this place (as well as Twitter) and reupload all my old stuff.

It'll probably be annoying if there's gonna be a notification for every upload, and i'm preemptively sorry about that, but i just want a place where people can come and see, in one place, all the stuff i've done so far, and since tumblr is nuked, i figured this will probably be the place to do it.

I think i'll keep Twitter as the place to upload just the new stuff, since its gallery feature is kind of barebones, and keep here all the old stuff (as well as the new, ofc.) - so as long as you're here, you should see everything, old AND new.

Like many other people coming here en masse, i honestly haven't been using Newgrounds since, like 2005-6 (?), but i like its comfy aesthetic, and that it doesn't go for that "ultra sleek" mobile design that is so popular nowadays; i'm an old man!

Anyway, this is the equivalent of a "test_01" post, so, nothing much to say.

I'll try and figure out how the gallery works and all that stuff, next.



Comments (4)

Glad you made your way here too! I recognize some of your stuff from HF, though... no watermarks there? It's subtle enough though. Can view them that way too. Cheers, and welcome (back)!

Hey! Yes i'm slowly re-uploading everything here, because of Tumblr's shenanigans.
The watermark in some of the pics, was something i put in my early stuff just as a stylistic choice, i liked the (digital) framing, but i stopped doing that and just put a small sign, after a while.
It's not that i'm worried about anyone "stealing" my stuff or anything like that, it's just that i initially liked the look, but then i got tired of it. :)

Well that explains it. :) I thought I'd seen some of these pictures on HF without the mark though. Maybe not... also thanks for accepting the invite! Much obliged.

As i said, since i stopped using it after a while, maybe you're thinking of those images? *shrug*
And no problem about the invite. :) (not super sure what it does).

Oh regarding the scouting system there's some good info on that here if you're interested: https://ornery.newgrounds.com/news/post/388624

Basically, it lets you enter the main content stream. New artists have their work shown only on their profiles and a special unscouted page until someone vouches for them; invites them onto the main one. Our way of keeping out lesser quality content/spam/bad stuff.

Thanks for the info and the scouting! Hey, do you know if, by any chance, there's a way to group images in sub-folders or something like it? It'd be useful to upload comic pages.
Or if you can direct me to someone i could ask.

Sure thing. :) Unfortunately no way to do that yet, but Tom's mentioned that uploading multiple images per submission is on the do-list at least, so hopefully soon. Only way to group images now would be by uploading one and linking to others in the description, for example via the: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump

...or making a playlist. On a submission page there's an icon in the top bar to start one/add to any existing lists you might have. Also: newsposts! Those do support multiple images. The rich text editor update coming (hopefully) soon should fix that in forum posts too.

Hope that answers your wonders. .) You can always reach out to Tom with feedback or questions too, though he may be busy. Has been asking for opinions in the recent topic though, so feel free to speak your mind there if you want to: https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1436757

Ah! Thanks for the extensive explanation, i'll look into those options then. :)